I have completed 1 Year at HCL Technologies Ltd.

Today I have completed 1 Year in HCL, when last year same time, I was about to join HCL, it was an unusual situation, India was in complete lockdown stage due to Covid19, and my joining location was Noida and I was residing in Bangalore that time, I had to relocate to Noida after a stretch of 12 years in Bangalore which was a big decision in its self and then comes this prevalent disease, there was a dilemma on my mind whether onboarding will happen on time. How the on-boarding will take place, as unlike today, the concept of virtual onboarding was not very common practice last year, and on top of that, there was news coming of delayed hiring, deferred joining dates, etc. in social media, so it was obvious that my mind was vacillating continually about my BIG decision to join HCL.

However everything went smooth for me in HCL, and it was an incredible story, HCL has already developed virtual onboarding software by then and I would say the entire HR team and my boss, and few colleagues from my department at HCL has done a magnanimous job and went to an extra mile to on-board me, with just a single request the IT team in HCL, in an audacious attempt send me my laptop from Noida to Bangalore in due time during the complete lockdown, so that I can start doing what I have been actually hired for and in just 7 days I got settled in my work without any worries.

And post that, the real journey begins, it was just a roller coaster ride, I have joined the digital workplace practice at HCL, and similar to my last employer Unisys, both the organizations were the leaders in managed workplace services, Both are present in the leaders quadrant in the Gartner’s magic quadrant for the managed workplace services in North America, as you can see below, so there were a lot of expectations from myself to bring values to HCL.

I have received very courteous treatment from my boss (Who is a great mentor) since day one of my on-boarding and in just one year, I able to build trustworthy relationships within the team, it was a really splendid experience to work together when you have an amazing team with so many brilliant, fun-loving, supportive and multi-talented people around you. Not only in work, but my team members have also helped me to find a flat, supported me to settle down in Noida. I have built very good personal relationships with some of them.

I would like to highlight one important culture in HCL, it has given me tremendous opportunities to learn and unlearn in this short span of time, I have received lots of virtual classroom training directly from the product vendors in many subjects, which has helped me to expand my skill horizon in Digital Workplace and beside the exponential knowledge gain, it has also encouraged myself to become an inveterate certificate exam candidate. In the last 1 year, I have earned 13 professional digital workplace certification badges which include 6 in Citrix, 6 in Microsoft, and 1 in VMware.

Another feather in the cap of HCL, since I have joined, HCL has been named by Forbes as one of The World’s Best Employers for 2020, honoring HCL among the top global employers in the world. In addition to being ranked number 30 on the list, HCL is recognized as the only multinational company that is headquartered in India to be featured in the top 50. Not only this in 20-21 FY HCL has crossed the 10 Billion Mark revenue. HCL has given a one-time special bonus worth ₹700 crores for employees around the world in recognition of the company hitting the $10 billion revenue mark. HCL gave a dividend of Rs. 16 per share on May 19th to its shareholders to celebrate this occasion.

I would like to highlight another most remarkable initiative by HCL, this year during the anomalous situation cause by 2nd wave of Covid in India, to help its employees with this baffling problem, HCL has deployed 24×7 helpline numbers and arranged the Hospital Beds, Isolation units in Hotels, Attendants & Nurses, Diagnostics Labs, Medicine Delivery, Medical Equipment’s, Specialist Doctors and Vaccination at the campus in HCL Healthcare. Not only this HCL provides 30 lakhs insurance cover, 7 Laks additional employee deposit insurance cover, In the event of an employee’s unfortunate demise due to Covid,

  • The families will get the full value of the above cover
  • 1-year salary to family
  • 3 years medical cover for family
  • 5 years children’s education cover
  • Training to spouse wherever they are keen at joining HCL

This is really an unforgettable gesture from HCL and will be etched in my memory always in the future.

At last, I would like to say that it’s a great pleasure to work in the HCL Digital Workplace Practice, where the goal is to take our “Fluid Workplace” vision to the customers, this is a vision that sketches the future of work for them – a future that ties people, technology, and culture and builds powerful customer testimonies.

HCL has never promised me the whole world in a neat package with a pretty ribbon tied around it but I have experienced the difference where I stand today, I have found myself a member of a team that follows a sincere methodical approach to deliver the best to their customers and partners and a company which truly care for their employees.

That’s all for today, I hope you will like my story, stay safe at home, you have a great day ahead.


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