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Citrix PVS on Azure Part – 1

Citrix PVS on Azure TP (Technical Preview) Program has been extended till 31st of Oct. 2021, and we know that many citrix enthusiastic like us are spending lot of time in testing this one of the most beautiful product of the Citrix stack. Citrix Product team has released a very good document to kick start

You are excited since MSIX App Attach for Windows Virtual Desktop is in GA – Please consider few things before you introduce it to production

In any VDI technology, App delivery is an important part of the VDI Lifecycle process. Typically, in any enterprise when you will plan for the App Delivery, you can’t stick to a single method. It is unlikely that a single application delivery method will meet all the requirements of the various applications that must be

List of the Standard Performance counters for Citrix VDI and WVD Monitoring with Description

In any VDI environment, monitoring the performance of the overall environment is crucial to making sure all components are available and performing effectively to ensure users have a high-quality experience. There are number of tools available in the market that will provide Monitoring capabilities. Different components within the overall solution require monitoring of unique metrics