Author: Aavisek Choudhury

How to Disable Azure Accelerated Networking

Azure Accelerated networking enables single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) to a VM, greatly improving its networking performance. This high-performance path bypasses the host from the datapath, reducing latency, jitter, and CPU utilization, for use with the most demanding network workloads on supported VM types. Now if the azure accelarated networking is enabled you can’t resize

Step by Step installation of PowerShell 7 Preview and Az-Module and configure the environment in VS Code

Dear Friends, as you are aware PowerShell 7 Preview has been released recently. PowerShell 7 was designated to become the replacement product for PowerShell Core 6.x products as well as Windows PowerShell 5.1, which is the last supported Windows PowerShell version and now you can install the PowerShell 7.0 Preview in your computer by running

New features added for Azure Disaster Recovery as a part of Azure Site Recovery Services

Yesterday Microsoft has released new features for the Azure Disaster Recovery Services. The following disaster recovery support are available now: Azure VMs in availability zones Encrypted VMs VMs using accelerated networking VMs using Storage Spaces Direct VMs using Standard Solid State Drive (SSD) disks Unmanaged VMs using firewall-enabled storage accounts New Linux versions A new

Azure Tips & Tricks: How you can easily isolate a broken VM from the Production or QA environment in Azure

Hello Friends, from this month onwards, I will write about the few interesting Tips & Ticks which may help you in your day to day Azure deployments. I think you might have faced situation where you need to isolate the VM from the production or QA network for the troubleshooting purpose. This is mostly required

What are the different types of logs generated in Azure which helps in Monitoring Azure resources?

There are lots of different types of logs generated in Azure, it’s very much confusing when you don’t know which logs to use for monitoring your resources and how to access them. Logs contain different kinds of data organized into records with different sets of properties for each type. Logs can contain numeric values like