Month: October 2017

Charter Member MCSE Certificates for the Cloud Platform and Infrastructure and the difference with non-charter MCSE Certificate

Yesterday I have earned my 2nd MCSE Certificate for Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. However when I have closely compared both the MCSE certificates, I have found the certificate which I have earned on Nov. 21st 2016 is having charter member stamp on it as you can see below. However the certificate which I have earned

Unable to Access CloudShell from Android…Microsoft is working and going to release an update of the Android App for CloudShell soon

Customers who have faced issues in connecting Azure CloudShell from their Android Mobile App recently, please be aware that Microsoft is going to release an update soon. The app version where this issue has been reported is v To know more about Azure CloudShell please check my older post here.

How to setup up the Hybrid Worker Group in Azure Automation and run Hybrid Runbooks against On Premise Resources

Recently I was working in one of the Automation project where I had to run some Azure Runbooks in the on premise servers. Due to the security restrictions I was unable run those runbooks directly from the Azure automation account so I need to setup the Hybrid Worker Group in our environment. Today I will

One of the biggest takeaway from MS ignite 2017 is the Cloudyn availability free of charge for Azure subscribers

Last week Microsoft Ignite 2017 has took place in Orlando and I was going through some of the sessions related to Azure for the last couple of days. Few of my colleagues has asked me about what is the biggest takeaway for the Azure Pre Sales folks from this biggest event in the Microsoft World

Azure Pre Sales Folks – New Azure Migration Assessment Tool Azure Migrate (Limited Public Preview) is here to try.

The Azure migration assessment is one of the mammoth task for most of the enterprises, who are planning to migrate their workloads to Azure. Now a days we are living in a world of very complex environments where most of the enterprises around the world have hundreds and thousands of virtual machines, physical boxes, applications