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How to enable Azure Express Route FastPath to improve data path from on-premises source to destination VM’s in Azure

As you know most of the enterprises have already deployed the ExpressRoute circuits in different regions in Azure across the Globe. But due to Covid-19 when there is a surge in WFH scenarios there are few use cases like Citrix VDI infrastructure in Azure IaaS, in this case, due to huge load users started complaining

How to Disable Azure Accelerated Networking

Azure Accelerated networking enables single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) to a VM, greatly improving its networking performance. This high-performance path bypasses the host from the datapath, reducing latency, jitter, and CPU utilization, for use with the most demanding network workloads on supported VM types. Now if the azure accelarated networking is enabled you can’t resize

Step by step monitoring of the ExpressRoute Circuit with Network Performance Monitor – Part I

As many of you know that Azure ExpressRoute let us to extend our on-premises infrastructure to Azure Cloud over a private dedicated connection. With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to Microsoft Azure Network. If you are from the Azure pre sales background or an Azure Architect like myself, you must be aware that in most

How to create a Hybrid Connection from Azure App Service to on premises SQL Server

When you deploy App Services in Azure sometimes it’s necessary to connect to on premises data sources which may a database server or monitoring server (SCOM) or some other application data. Since your App Service is using a predefined netwok it’s important to use Hybrid connections since Hybrid connections allowed the connectivity with the resources

Another traffic routing method has been added to Azure Traffic Manager

Recently I have noticed a fourth traffic routing method which has been added to Azure Traffic Manager traffic routing method. The new method is called Geographic. As per Microsoft these are the following traffic routing method which is available now. Priority: Select ‘Priority’ when you want to use a primary service endpoint for all traffic, and