About Why Azure?

If you are an old school techie like me who has started working since late nineties or early 2K, you must have seen that not very long ago how server virtualization has changed the dimension of the Enterprise IT. Companies like VMware, EMC flourished in the market in last decade. By mid of first decade of 21st century most of the enterprise understood that the technology and capabilities growth is never possible if data and application is constrained by Physical hardware. But gone are those days of on premise server virtualization from last few years we have seen how many companies are moving their virtualized computing environment in to the public cloud converting their CAPEX to OPEX. Since it reduce the burden, expense, and risk of maintaining an on-premises-only environment, this will definitely make sense for the IT decision makers in the enterprise.

Now when the time has come for the public cloud, the role of System Admin has also changed, the new role in line with the understanding and practising the cloud architecture has got a huge responsibility to determine which public cloud has the best feature and the cost effective to manage the workload. And in this world of multiple public cloud vendor who are in a competitive race it’s always necessary to understand each cloud platform deeply so that you can take most effective decision of using public cloud in your enterprise IT landscape.

Being a Microsoft techie for the last 17 years I have decided to focus myself to help the Microsoft community to understand the Azure cloud in a better way and publish my thoughts and PoC results in a well-managed constructive way so that it can benefit the community who are already in Azure or planning to jump into the Azure cloud in future.  In a series of Posts I will try to publish my findings in a regular interval with the help of this blog. I hope you all will like this blog and its contents.

Enjoy this blog!!!

Enjoy Azure Cloud!!!