Trusted Launch of Azure Virtual Desktop Session Hosts VM

Hello Friends, In May 2024, Microsoft has mentioned that Trusted Launch virtual machines are now available in Azure Government and Azure operated by 21Vianet., as we know that securing virtual desktops is crucial for protecting sensitive data and maintaining business continuity. Microsoft Azure offers a robust solution with its Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) service, enabling organizations to deploy scalable and secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). One of the standout features enhancing the security of AVD is the “Trusted Launch” capability. In this blog, I’ll explore what Trusted Launch is, its benefits, and how it enhances the security of Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts.

Understanding Trusted Launch

Trusted Launch is a security feature in Azure that provides advanced protection for virtual machines (VMs) by ensuring that they start securely. It leverages a combination of secure boot, vTPM (virtual Trusted Platform Module), and other security measures to create a trusted computing base for VMs. Trusted Launch helps protect against rootkits, bootkits, and other low-level malware that could compromise the integrity of a VM from the moment it starts.

Key Components of Trusted Launch

1. Secure Boot: Ensures that the VM boots only with software that is trusted by the hardware manufacturer. It helps prevent malicious code from loading during the boot process.

2. Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM): Provides hardware-based, security-related functions, and helps store cryptographic keys and secrets in a secure manner. vTPM enhances the security of operations such as disk encryption and virtual machine attestation.

3. Integrity Monitoring: Continuously monitors the VM for any integrity violations, ensuring that the VM remains in a trusted state throughout its lifecycle.

Benefits of Trusted Launch for Azure Virtual Desktop

1. Enhanced Security Posture: By implementing Trusted Launch, organizations can significantly enhance the security posture of their virtual desktop environments. This is particularly important for industries handling sensitive information, such as finance, healthcare, and government.

2. Protection from Advanced Threats: Trusted Launch provides a robust defense against advanced threats that target the boot process and kernel of the VM. This includes protection against rootkits, bootkits, and other sophisticated malware.

3. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: Many industries have strict compliance and regulatory requirements for data protection. Trusted Launch helps organizations meet these requirements by ensuring that their VMs start securely and remain in a trusted state.

4. Ease of Implementation: Trusted Launch can be enabled with minimal impact on existing workflows. Organizations can integrate it into their existing Azure Virtual Desktop deployments without significant changes to their infrastructure.

Enabling Trusted Launch for Azure Virtual Desktop Session Hosts

Enabling Trusted Launch for Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts is straightforward. Here are the steps to get started:

1. Create a New VM or Update an Existing VM: When creating a new VM for your Azure Virtual Desktop session host, you can enable Trusted Launch in the VM configuration settings. For existing VMs, you can update the VM settings to enable Trusted Launch.

2. Configure Secure Boot and vTPM: Ensure that secure boot and vTPM are enabled in the VM settings. This can typically be done through the Azure portal or using Azure Resource Manager templates.

3. Monitor VM Integrity: Use Azure Security Center and other monitoring tools to continuously monitor the integrity of your VMs. Set up alerts and notifications for any integrity violations to ensure timely response to potential threats.


Trusted Launch is a powerful feature that enhances the security of Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts by providing a secure foundation for VMs. By leveraging secure boot, vTPM, and integrity monitoring, organizations can protect their virtual desktop environments from advanced threats and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Implementing Trusted Launch is straightforward and offers significant benefits in terms of security and peace of mind.

By enabling Trusted Launch, organizations can confidently deploy and manage their Azure Virtual Desktop environments, knowing that their virtual machines are starting securely and remaining in a trusted state throughout their lifecycle. Embrace Trusted Launch and take your Azure Virtual Desktop security to the next level.

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