Azure Classic Portal is no longer available from 8th January 2018 (Today)

At least after four years of announcement of the Azure Resource Manager portal (Well known as Azure Preview Portal), Microsoft today has removed the Azure Classic Portal website. Although it’s not a surprise for most of you since there is a notice in the classic portal, for the last one month.

And I am sure most of the people who are related to Azure someway or other knows about this.

People who may be thinking that since Azure classics resources were no longer available so what will be fate of the Azure Classic Resources, there is nothing to worry because the Azure Portal can support both the classic and ARM resources.

There must be a question in your mind that what will happen if we type the classic portal URL. The classic portal URL is being redirected to the Azure portal. That means if you type it will redirect you to the URL.

I know many of you who were hardcore fans of the classic portal can feel that old is gold and it will take time to accept this change but it is what it is for this new year. J

Happy New Year.

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