Install the new Azure PowerShell 6.1.0 – Preview 4 Release for Azure

PowerShell 6 was in GA last January and many of us has already started working with it and the below news was really big leap for the PowerShell lovers. And the good news is that PowerShell 6.0 is also supported in Linux.

For the one who have missed the release of the PowerShell 6 can read the news from the below URL.

Powershell 6 Preview 4 has been released 21 hours ago, I am going to show you how quickly you can install it so that you can start playing with your Azure RM Account Cmdlets. Before the installation type the below command to check the version of PowerShell in your computer.

In the next step go to the below URL and check the latest version.

The powershell 6.1.0 Preview 4 is released 21 hrs. ago and you can download the version based on your operating system. Since my computer have the Windows 10 64 bit OS so I have downloaded the MSI for x64 version.

Once the setup is downloaded you can run the setup and you can see the following screen.

Click in next

Accept the terms in Agreement and click on next

Select the default path of the installation

Select the default values

Click on the install button

It will take some time for the installation

In the next step it will be completed

Click on Finish.

You can check the installation directory, to check the status of the installation.

Once the installation is completed you can install the AzureRM module by issuing the below command

That’s all for today, now you should try your Azure commands with PowerShell 6.0. You have a good day ahead.

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