Azure Shared Image Gallery is now known as Compute Gallery

I hope all you are doing well, if you are from the VDI world and deploying many images across regions in Azure, you might have already using the Azure Shared Image Galleries a lot. I think you might have also noticed that there is a change in the name of the Shared Image Gallery, although it’s not announced officially but silently Microsoft have updated the name of the Azure Shared Image Gallery as Azure Compute Gallery from the backend in Azure.

The icon of the shared Image Gallery has also been updated. It’s now purple and looks gorgeous.

The list of gallery images are shown below.

The Compute Gallery may have multiple image definitions, as you can see below.

The Image definition will look like this in the Azure Portal

Inside the above image definition you may have multiple image versions, below it shows the primary region and the target region where the image is replicated.

Thanks, for reading. You have a great day ahead. Happy diwali in advance to you if you are from India.