Cost comparison of AVD Single Session Desktop and Cloud PC

I think you are already aware of the difference between W365 and AVD. Today I have done a cost comparison of both in a very simple format, which may help you make a decision.

Cloud PC Azure Virtual Desktop (PAYG) Azure Virtual Desktop (3 Year Reserved Instance) Azure Virtual Desktop (Only 222 Hrs.)
vCPU RAM Disk Cost (USD) vCPU RAM Disk (Premium) Cost (USD) vCPU RAM Disk (Premium) Cost (USD) vCPU RAM Disk (Premium) Cost (USD)
4 16 128 66 4 16 128 156 4 16 128 72 4 16 128 60
8 32 128 123 8 32 128 294 8 32 128 125 8 32 128 125

As you can see in the above table if you are running the workloads only for 222 Hrs. in a day, A single-session AVD desktop is a cheaper option in terms of cost. However, you should know the difference between these two offerings.

This below table is a description of the same.

Details Azure Virtual Desktop Cloud VDI Windows 365 Cloud PC
OS support Windows 11, Windows 10, single or multiple session, Windows server Windows 11 or Windows 10
Admin > Aure portal
> VMware or Citrix or Nerdio management plane
> Microsoft Intune (Enterprise)
> Web self-service (Business)
Service PaaS – Granular controls over configuration and management SaaS – Complete end-to-end Microsoft service
Pricing Consumption-based Per-user, Per-month
Scale Unlimited based on consumption Unlimited based on subscription
End-user Single or multi-user, pooled, remote app Full Windows-like local experience

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