Step by step configuration of Azure File Share without any disconnect of the network drive in next login.

In my last post I have explained the cost advantage of using the Azure File Share for the Oracle database backup, I got a question where someone has asked how to create and configure the file share in the Oracle VM and how we can make sure that when we map the drive the drive shouldn’t disconnect.

How to create and configure an Azure File Share

In the first step you need to go to the Azure Storage Account and click on Files

To create a new Azure File Share fyou need to click on + File Share button

In the quota you can add the max size you want for this share. Please note that the max size is 5 TB

Once the File Share is created you can check the properties of the file share.

Now the next step is to add the file share in a VM.

First we have tried with the net use command and we can able to view the share in the command prompt but not in GUI

2nd we have tried with the PowerShell command and we can view the Z drive in PowerShell but we still can’t view the file in the GUI

In our 3rd attempt we have clicked on the Map network drive added the network drive in the VM, as you can see while adding the drive you have to add Azure\storageaccountname as username and password will be either Key1 or Key2

Once it’s done you can find the attached network drive in the VM

Now as part of this exercise we also have to make sure that this network drive should be always available once the user or service account is logged in next time. So we have to use cmdkey command

cmdkey [{/add:<TargetName>|/generic:<TargetName>}] {/smartcard|/user:<UserName> [/pass:<Password>]} [/delete{:<TargetName>|/ras}] /list:<TargetName>

cmdkey / /user:AZURE\storageaccountname /pass:Key1

After we ran the command we have found that above error where it is mentioned that Credentials can’t be saved at this login session and after doing lot’s of research in this error latter we came to know that a security policy is actually causing this.

We went to the security settings of this computer and clicked on the security settings of Do Not Allow the Storage of Passwords and Disabled it.

And that’s it after that the user can able to see the network drive in the next logon.

I hope you should like this post, this is very simple, Azure File Shares are easy to configure and use.