How to Create a VM in SCVMM 2016 without any VM template

In my last post in May, I have shown how to create a VM from template in SCVMM 2016, in this post I will show how to create a VM without a template in SCVMM.

In the first step please click on the VM’s icon in the menu ribbon as shown below.

Next step is to select the virtual hard disk or a VM template or an existing virtual machine

In this step I have selected an existing virtual hard disk.

The next step is to give the name to the virtual machine.

Once you click on next you find the following screen, here you need to choose the capability profile i.e. whether the VM will be hosted in Hyper-V or Vmware.

Once you click on next it will search for the destination host where it can place the VM’s

Now you can able to see the available Hyper-V host in your infrastructure

Once you have selected the host you can specify the storage location path of the host as shown below

In this step we need to inform about the virtual switch which we can use for the virtual machine.

In this step we need to specify what action will be automatically taken when the virtual machine will be ready.

The last step is to review the summary and confirm the settings

Once you click on create it will start creating the virtual machine and you can see the status of the recent jobs in this

All the jobs are completed and your VM will be ready.

I think you will like this post. In my next post I will mention the installation of SCDPM and show how we can take the backup of the VM with the SCDPM.