How to add a library server to SCVMM 2016

Hi Friends, today I am going to show you how we can add a library server in SCVMM 2016, in the first step click on the menu to add the library server. In the first you have give the user credentials. I have used the administrator account for this.

You can automatically find the domain name of your infrastructure as you can see below.

In the next step you need to add the Hyper-V host server.

Now you can see the HYPER-V host name which is selected

The next step is to add a Library Share path.

Once the share is identified you can see the summary as below

The job list in SCVMM console will show this. We have added the below Hyper-V host as the library server to store all the templates.

That’s all about adding a library server in SCVMM 2016. I hope you will like this post. Please reach out to me for any questions related to SCVMM.