Monitor and Analyze Azure Resources with Azure Monitor and Log Analytics (Real time examples with few Use Cases)

Dear friends, ensuring your application workloads and data are secure is essential, but it is not enough. Monitoring play an important role for any infrastructure. For IaaS workloads, Azure Monitoring play a very important role and this require ‘s almost similar effort what you need to monitor your on premises infrastructure. We need continuous monitoring

How to create a Hybrid Connection from Azure App Service to on premises SQL Server

When you deploy App Services in Azure sometimes it’s necessary to connect to on premises data sources which may a database server or monitoring server (SCOM) or some other application data. Since your App Service is using a predefined netwok it’s important to use Hybrid connections since Hybrid connections allowed the connectivity with the resources

Unable to RDP to Azure VM after March 2018 (KBKB4088878 and KB4088875) windows update – Redeploy it

Unable to RDP to Azure VM is a very common issue faced by many people worldwide. If you have installed the terminal services or RDS the RDP issue is more common. As per Microsoft there are multiple troubleshooting steps mentioned in the troubleshooting session. And here is the list. Reset Remote Desktop configuration. Check Network

Oracle Database backup in Azure – Strategy for Low Cost and Best Storage Solution for storing the backups in Azure.

Picture Credit: Royalty free photos from I am sure many of you are already planning or have already moved oracle databases to Azure VM. In any IT infrastructure landscape Oracle workload migration to public cloud is one of the most difficult task and needed to be planned well in advance. If your organisation is

Spectra and Meltdown patching has ended in most of the Azure Regions – Microsoft has done express patching to protect the customers.

Last two weeks in most of the organizations the windows team must be busy in applying patches to hundreds of Servers after the information of the serious design flaw with Intel, ARM and AMD based chips that allowed programs to read the contents and layout of a computers protected kernel. Patches has been applied to

Microsoft is upgrading the host OS of Azure App Service and Azure Functions to Windows Server 2016

Microsoft is planning to upgrade App Service and Functions infrastructure to Windows Server 2016. This updates paves the way to allow the HTTP/2 protocol for App Service and Functions. For HTTP/2 support they will send communications when it will be available worldwide. The update will began on Monday, December 4, 2017, and continue through January

Dealing with Azure Storage Account – know how to secure them in all possible ways

Although this is a technical blog but I don’t able to stop myself citing an incident which I have witnessed recently which is somehow related to the technical aspect of this post. Picture Credit: Royalty free photos from Last September there was a case of fraudulent transaction reported by one of my very close