Step by step monitoring of the ExpressRoute Circuit with Network Performance Monitor – Part I

As many of you know that Azure ExpressRoute let us to extend our on-premises infrastructure to Azure Cloud over a private dedicated connection. With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to Microsoft Azure Network. If you are from the Azure pre sales background or an Azure Architect like myself, you must be aware that in most

Step by step guide to create and configure Analysis Services in Azure (PaaS) – Part I

This post I have targeted to the BI developers and system admins who are interested to configure and work with the SQL Server Analysis Services in Azure (Called Analysis Services in Azure) What is SQL Server Analysis Services? SQL Analysis Service is the PaaS instance of SQL Server Analysis Services. It’s an analytical data engine

Monitor and Analyze Azure Resources with Azure Monitor and Log Analytics (Real time examples with few Use Cases)

Dear friends, ensuring your application workloads and data are secure is essential, but it is not enough. Monitoring play an important role for any infrastructure. For IaaS workloads, Azure Monitoring play a very important role and this require ‘s almost similar effort what you need to monitor your on premises infrastructure. We need continuous monitoring